For us older baby boomers in our 60s, we didn’t have the internet and all the information that is now available. I have thought if I was now in my teens/early 20s, I’d probably be more likely to transition.

Crossdressers in our 50s and 60s

I learned about being independent and making my own way in life from my grandmother. She had gone against the grain because she needed to at first, and then because she came to find her role in life.

Sadly, neither of my parents ever got the chance to meet the 5th daughter they never knew they had, for she was too afraid to show herself. They each at different times found out about my dressing but I wasn’t yet ready to admit to myself much less to others the depth of the feminine soul hidden within their son.

I dream of having my own fashion clothing store that has beautiful dresses, lingerie and shoes for sale. It would be a place where everyone is welcome to try things on, take photos, and buy if they like what they see.

I am a Christian and have come to terms that to be the best person I can be and involves my crossdressing and my family. As the Lord looks down upon us, he will see me in a mini skirt instead of shorts. Either way, I am being the best person I can become.

Like a flower slowly budding the itch was not scratched suddenly. It’s almost as if a finger just barely touched it. Causing it to merely stir at first.

Womanhood is a journey, and a long way to go, but it is worthwhile as I am so comfortable being the girl of my dreams.