And all this is about confidence. Your confidence doesn’t come from how many times you’ve gone out dressed up, although it does help. It comes from who you are. It’s the collection of experiences and knowledge, mainly of yourself, that make you unique.

Over time, I realized that crossdresser is a term that applies to many individuals who wear the opposite gender’s fashions for various reasons.

Humility and Forgiveness

Posted: April 29, 2016 in cross dress

The power of forgiveness is amazing but do we have the strength it takes to forgive those who have wronged us? Do we have the courage to forgive and move on? I have been shown how it can be done.

Without the fear holding me back I came out to a girl, who eventually became my wife, and started dressing as Natalie.

All these years Mona stayed restricted to one bedroom suite and the virtual world called Internet. Mona would wake up from a long day sleep every evening and go to bed wearing soft silky nighties and pajamas.

For many of us in the transgender community, it is during the winter that we can become more active in our dressing as there are many more opportunities with the colder weather for wearing our desired clothing underneath coats and sweaters

OK, so far so good, I have at least managed to go out partially dressed even if covered up! Next problem, how do I finish the job ideally before I arrive at the meeting?