The ability to “fly away” because I know I can is a blessing to my psyche and a curse to whatever hopes I continue to hold for romantic fulfillment.

Peter Pan

It’s easy to think we know how another person should react to a situation but what would we do in similar circumstances? If the heel was on the other foot?

It’s Not all Lollipops and Sunshine

Acknowledge that like EVERY human being, you are a person of great worth and great promise, and you deserve the chance to find happiness and joy in the world.

It’s All About Me!

I have months go by when I don’t think it is worth all the effort it takes to be Abby but that doesn’t last long before the rush to be Abby again is compelling

My oscillations as Abby over time

Life may be filled with adversity yet the community we find here can offer hope, love and the happiness we seek.

Stephenie’s Journey

It is possible to live your dream. Yes it takes a good deal of fortitude and commitment and you make mistakes along the way, but even the celebs do that

Overcoming those seemingly Daunting Moments….

Small Town Girl.

Posted: September 12, 2016 in cross dress
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Trust in your family and true friends. It might take them a while but they will come around. Be who you truly are on the inside.

Small Town Girl.