Color Blind Paintings

Posted: October 8, 2018 in cross dress

If there really is a God then she is most probably a painter. A painter who has fallen in love with her own creation. Paintings that are vibrant and alive. With each brush stroke she made us who we are; unique and yet similar in so many aspects. An elegant ensemble of pigments, so detailed, so…


If I can do it, so can you…

Posted: October 2, 2018 in cross dress

I wanted to share a very special moment with all of you, not only in my cross dressing life, but in my life in general.  I only joined this site a few months ago, however, I have grown by leaps and bounds ever since. Even though I have been cross dressing on and off for many years, it …

My Happiest Time

Posted: September 14, 2018 in cross dress

For as long as I can remember I’ve felt like a girl. When I was young I would pray to God every day to turn me into a girl. I prayed so hard for it. It never happened of course, but she was always there, inside me.
I called her “Amanda” because this would have been my name, had…

The First Time I Saw Her Face

Posted: August 27, 2018 in cross dress

I have been supremely calm and at peace with myself since I not only decided that I would start crossdressing, but that I wasn’t going to keep it a secret, either. That was eleven days ago when Mitzi May introduced herself into my reality. Or, rather, actualized herself in my mind and…

I Want My Soul Back

Posted: August 13, 2018 in cross dress

Firstly, I would like to open by thanking each every one of you who read my debut article and left loving comments. This is a beautiful community and is made up of beautiful people.
For so long, I believed that transition was never something that I would be able to seriously consider. I’m…

Not Pretty Enough?

Posted: August 7, 2018 in cross dress

Icarus was a Cross Dresser. Or not. Sarah looks at the obsession with “passing”, and what is truly important. Do we actually need to pass?

Born in This Skin

Posted: July 28, 2018 in cross dress

The path to living the life we truly want is often full of twists and turns, and strewn with obstacles and heartache, but this just means we have to fight harder.