Pain, sorrow, torment, disbelief, sadness, tears, headaches, love and more tears!
Well that almost sums the range of things I went through recently, that hit me so very hard. It forced me to deactivate my remaining Facebook account and withdraw from CDH while I got things straight in my head….

Walking Into The Light Part 3

Posted: August 5, 2017 in cross dress

Since the time of first writing and publishing this article I have received many request to write a part three of Walking Into The Light. There has been allot to write about regarding Chris who now goes by Nikki and she too has encouraged me to write a part three of her story so I am somewhat…

Coming to terms with yourself is the one step toward living a fuller life. For Bobbi Scott, that is no less true. Here Bobbi shares her thoughts as she faces a hurdle in achieving just that.

I have dressed for many years. It has, however, always in private and by myself. Genivieve was the perfect example of the phrase, “all dressed up and no place to go”! That, however, was soon to change.

When MacKenzie made the decision to embrace and explore her femininity, she never imagined how far she would come in a short time. When her journey began, she could not even walk outside without jumping out her skin. Yet, despite her growth, she had actively avoided excursions that were truly public. Today, however, that changed, and MacKenzie finally bit the bullet, at least figuratively.

Walking Into The Light, Part 2

Posted: July 22, 2017 in cross dress

Chris has reached a crossroad in her journey. The darkness has become overwhelming – she is a breaking point. Thankfully, a friend is there to be a light and much more.

Sophie’s visit with daughter has brought tears and laughter, but it has also taught her much. Though it may have not been the trip she expected, she would not trade the experience for anything. Returning home, Sophie reflects on what she has learned about herself, her life, and her relationships.